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Since the men of Easy Company started their service in a little town called Toccoa in Georgia, we thought it only fitting to start there too.  Standing alone above the surrounding landscape, Mount Currahee (which is loosely translated as “stands alone” in Cherokee) was a 1000-foot beast scaled by the men of Easy Company nearly every day of their training.  The name of that hill became the battle cry of the 506th, and conquering it helped them endure both the physical and mental rigors of war.

This clear, crisp, and delicious American Lager is brewed in the style that would have been prevalent in the 1940’s, but has a bit of modern flair with all-American hops—including a small late hop addition—that give it a beautiful and pleasing finish.  Far from an average and unremarkable lager, this clean, cold, well-rounded offering has just the right amount of sweetness, balanced with a subtle and pleasant maltiness.  The perfect amount of carbonation gives it a great mouthfeel, and hints of floral and citrus result in that exceptional drinkability that we all want in a great lager.  In all, this is a tasty and refreshing beer that can be enjoyed in any setting, at any time of year.

American Lager



The men of Easy Company arrived in the middle of the night in a tiny little village in the south of England called Aldbourne during the fall of 1943 to begin their preparations to take part in what would be the largest seaborne invasion in military history; a campaign that would forever after be referred to simply as, “D-Day.”  They slept in Nissen huts, and makeshift barracks, and some even slept in horse stables.  Upon waking up the next day, Pvt. David Webster remarked in his diary that, “…five ancient public houses, their signboards swinging in the breeze, bade us welcome to the land of mild and bitter beer.’  By many accounts, they indulged in their fair share of classic English IPA’s, with a good amount of them consumed in the Blue Boar, and other pubs in the town and surrounding area.

New English IPA

This delicious IPA is brewed in a classic English Style, with high-quality ingredients, and is then finished off with some great American hops hailing from noble lineage, giving it just the right amount of that great “New” England flair.  It has a slightly hazy, golden color, and a wonderful herbal aroma supported by a malty undertone.  Upon tasting, that incredible aroma gives way to a fantastic blend of pine and citrus, well-balanced with a nice amount of maltiness.  All of this together results in a beautiful finish, with just the right amount of bitterness that compliments its beautiful body and malt character.  A delightful combination of old and new, this is truly a unique and rewarding IPA experience.

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